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Important information on your stay in the Clinic or your visit

Dear patients, Dear family members

A hospital is a place where people meet. We want you to feel safe and secure in our hospitals and to come to trust our staff. In addition to general information on our clinical centre, we have compiled specific information for your orientation, on the procedure of your treatment and on our range of services. We hope to answer some of your most important questions by this.

Our employees are happy to answer any further questions. You can also refer to our switchboard under the telephone number +49 (0)261 137-0.

Information on your stay in the clinic

In all wards you can find lounge areas in which you and your relatives can make yourselves comfortable outside of your room. During summer, our spacious grounds invite you to linger.

Visitors Parking

At all hospitals of the “Stiftungsklinikum Mittelrhein” visitors will be able to park without any problems.
In Koblenz, the modern, hospital-owned car park on “Ludwigstraße/Corner Südallee” is at your disposal round the clock.
In Boppard, the hospital-owned car park is open all day.
In Nastätten, you will also find parking places – please enquire on your hospitalisation or your visit at the clinic’s reception.

Visiting Hours

Your visitors are cordially welcome as a visit leads to better and faster healing and contributes to your well-being.
There are no fixed visiting hours. However, from 8pm onwards you should grant yourself and your visitors a relaxing night’s rest.
Also during the ward rounds and during medical treatment we request all visitors to temporarily leave the room. We also request you to co-ordinate your visiting hours with the other patients in the room.
Thank you very much!

Postal Service

You can also receive letters in the hospital. Please use the following address:
Ms/Mr ...
c/o Stiftungsklinikum Mittelrhein
Ward ...
Postal code, Town
Please post outgoing letters into the letter box at the main entrance or hand them to the ward nurse.
If you are not able to walk by yourself, the “ladies and gentlemen in green” or the staff nurses will take care of this for you.
You can also send faxes from the admissions department.

Room Facilities

Due to their intended function, patients’ rooms can’t be compared to hotel rooms. However, as you will spend most of your stay in your room, we will do everything possible in order to make you feel safe and well. Therefore, we tried to design the patients’ rooms in a friendly and light style.
As a standard the patients’ rooms have 3 beds. Every room is equipped with a table with several settings for you and your visitors. In Nastätten there is a small lounge area between the patients’ rooms for you and your guests. You can store your clothes in your own closet. A bedside table is available for your personal belongings.
In Koblenz, each room is equipped with a wash-corner. The toilets are directly in front of the room door. The showers are close to the room.
In Boppard all patients’ rooms are equipped with a wet cell (including toilet, washing basin and shower) directly within the room.
At the hospital in Nastätten extensive renovation work is taking place at the moment. Also the patients’ rooms are being newly designed. After completion all rooms will have 2 or 3 beds as standard. Also in Nastätten the wet cells with toilet, washing basin and shower are within the room.
In the rooms you will find TV sets with cable TV and you can listen to the radio directly from your bed. Upon request a telephone with a personal phone number will be made available; please request this at the admissions desk. Please bear in mind that you will need earphones for the radio and the TV. Earphones can also be obtained at the patient admission desk on the ground floor.

"Im Schiffchen" in Koblenz

Café and Restaurant

In our hospitals in Boppard and Koblenz there are restaurant-cafés for patients and visitors, places to relax and to receive visitors away from normal hospital life in modern and comfortable rooms. Please feel free to choose from a broad range of dishes and drinks.

Telephone, TV and Internet

The following services are at your disposal at all three locations:

Basis charge per day: 1.50 Euro
Charge per unit: 0.10 Euro

Unfortunately, at the moment our hospitals do not provide internet connection. We are working hard to offer this service soon.

TV Sets
Every room is equipped with a TV set. In order to use it, you will need earphones (also suitable for subsequent private use), which can be acquired directly in our hospitals.
One-off registration fee: 3.00 Euro
Basis charge per day: 2.50 Euro

Accommodation of Family Members

On presentation of a medical referral (prescription of hospitalisation) and in case of sufficient capacity, your family members can be accommodated in your room.
Furthermore, there is the chance to book the optional service “accompanying person” in the patients’ room for a charge of 60 Euro per day if free beds are available.
In Koblenz we also provide accommodation (bed and breakfast) in the apartment house, which is affiliated to the hospital. Please enquire at the information desk whether free capacity is available.

central services Koblenz

Gemeinschaftsklinikum Mittelrhein GmbH
Gesundheitszentrum Evang. Stift St. Martin
Johannes-Müller-Straße 7
56068 Koblenz

phone +49 261 137-0

fax +49 261 137-1234


How to find us

central services Boppard

Gemeinschaftsklinikum Mittelrhein GmbH
Gesundheitszentrum zum Heiligen Geist GmbH Boppard
Hospitalgasse 2
56154 Boppard

phone +49 6742 101-0

fax +49 6742 101-6609


How to find us

central services Nastätten

Gemeinschaftsklinikum Mittelrhein GmbH
Diakoniezentrum Paulinenstift
Borngasse 14
56355 Nastätten

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How to find us